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Expertos en Diseño de Piscinas

We are Expert Consultants in Semi-Olympic Tempered Pools, we have designed:

  • Peñalolén Tempered Pool

  • San Joaquin Pool

  • Sierra Gorda Pool and Recreation Center

  • Project coordination of the Huechuraba Swimming Pool.


We work with the specialists who prepared the IND Pool Prototype, we know the weaknesses and strengths of this design and we can best adapt this design to your community, verifying the energy consumption that the project will have and seeking efficiency in the design .

Ask about Spa options, Hydromassage, swimming against the current, sauna, solar support for hot water, heat pumps, hydraulic chair.

Pool Design

Existen Diversos diseños de Pileta

Pileta Seca

Pileta Biológica

Pileta con Cascada

Pileta con Chorros Espumosos o Laminares

piscina peñalolen 3

Water Games Design

Los Niños Disfrutan las Plazas y parques donde se Incorporan Juegos de Agua, consulte por diversos diseños y Juegos.

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