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  • Architecture & Design Specialties "Soprole Plant Support Project".

  • Design project Warehouse "Caracoles", Area: 500 m2.

  • Design Extension of 2nd floor for "Inmobiliaria Plandiura Zañartu" offices, Providencia, Area: 44 m2.

  • Design and Remodeling of three floors of studio and home, area: 460 m2, steel structure and steel trusses.

  • Design 2nd floor for office extension "Ojos del salado", Quilicura, area: 33m2, in reinforced masonry structure.

  • Design, Building permit and Final Reception Local Rooms, Recoleta.

  • Design of Signs and approval for local rooms, Recoleta.

  • Design of Pullman bus Office, University of Chile subway.

  • Design Pullman Bus Terminal, Cartagena, Area: 1500 m2.

  • Design of Bus Stop "Pajaritos", 800 m2, Lo Prado.​




  • Design & Supervision Extension Housing Valderrama, La Cisterna , Area: 130 M2

  • Design Housing, Zapallar , Area: 280 m2

  • Design & Supervision Housing Carampague Laiz -Vega , 140 m2

  • Interior Design, Remodeling Department Chesterton , 90 m2

  • Design of 15 houses, Alejandro Pérez Barrios , Coelemu , VIII Region Area : 360 m2

  • Design Housing in Peñaflor , 140 m2

  • Design housing Valderrama in Buin, Area: 40 m2

  • Design housing Isla de Maipo, Carampangues highway, Area: 300 m2

  • Design and Remodeling House in San Miguel, Valderrama, 70 m2

  • Design of 2nd floor of house, La Florida, area: 35.6 m2

  • Design housing expansion and remodeling, Talagante, area: 71.07 m2

  • Design of two floors, Ñuñoa, Area: 200 m2

  • Design, Project Development and specialty structure housing area: 163.42 m2

  • Design and Supervision Candia House, Paine, Area: 140 m2

  • Design and Supervision Works of Housing Salamero, Providencia, 65 m2

  • Design of a extension for house, La Reina, Superficie : 80 m2

  • Interior Design House Urrestarazu, La Reina

  • Remodeling work: "Chesterton Department "

  • Professional Assistant Director of Works and Technical Office Work " Transformation of 2 Pavilions Chacabuco, Concepción, Area: 3500 m2

  • Construction Supervision of Island House Valderrama, Area: 300 m2

  • Extensions Designs House Talagante , Area: 350 m2

  • Construction Supervision for extension of House, Providencia, Area: 180m2

  • Construction Management and Architecture Designer House Candia, Paine, Area: 250 m2

  • Design of a extension for house, Aculeo, Area: 350 m2

  • Design of a extension for house Rodríguez, La Reina, Area: 250 m2


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